This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants Social Media short "Patrick Star Checks His Instaclam," which aired on November 23, 2014.

  • Narrator: And now, Patrick Star checks his Instaclam.
  • Patrick: Oh boy, it's a shiny magic rectangle! (turns tablet on landscape mode) Hi Sandy, hi Pearl, wait... how did you guys get in there? Larry, you're in there too? And SpongeBob?! Whats going on?! Give me my friends magic rectangle of I'm gonna—I'm— Oooooh, super happy fun day! Free ice-cream! Oh boy, I can't wait to eat! (licks screen) Wait a minute, this ice-cream tastes like glass... (gets pop-up from SpongeBob's status update) (short chuckle)... whats this? I, red shape, giraffes (elephant noise) (short chuckle again), giraffes have weird ears. (swipes down) Gif... Gife?, whats a Gife? Hey Squidward, watch out for that cliff! Squidward! Watch out for that cliff! Squidward watch out! oh, come on! Some people will never learn... (swipes down to see a Nyan Cat version of Gary, while watching this, he chuckles) I don't get it... (Mayonaise advertisement appears) Oh mayonnaise...the world most delicious instrument ... (pop-up goes away, it shows the camera) Ooooooh, buttons! I wonder what this one does! Hey, that's me in there! Heh, more buttons. Well, that was surprising. Uh, where do I get more glass ice-cream?
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