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Not to be confused with Tony or Pat-Tron's house or Rocky or Tiny Patrick's house or PatSlug's house or the Star house.

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While usually dark brown, Patrick's house appears blue at night.

120[1] Conch Street is the address of Patrick Star's house. It first appears in the pilot episode "Help Wanted." The house is in a suburban area of Bikini Bottom, as some houses can be seen from his house.


The house is a large, brown, semispherical rock with a tan arrow-shaped weather vane on top. Like a door, the rock has hinges to open and close.
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The interior of Patrick's house is inconsistent, varying from episode to episode.

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In early episodes of the series and occasionally in later seasons, Patrick had nothing in it except a gray CRT TV, a green chair, a lamp with a yellow lampshade, a gray telephone, a brown barrel, and a bed with a wooden bed frame and green blanket. Later on, he has everything made out of sand.

Patrick also is known to pick up or carry the entire rock. It also has a backyard that is rarely shown. The front yard has a long black path connecting the front of the rock and Conch Street. Patrick has one large room in his house that he changes according to the time of the day.

In the episode "Home Sweet Pineapple," Patrick reveals that his house is extremely easy to make and he built it all by himself.

In the "Truth or Square TV Guide," a comic reveals that Patrick's house was once his small pet rock who grew up to be a large rock and he puts an arrow on it, but the wooden arrow broke and fell. Patrick's house is usually pinkish-brown or very dark brown. Patrick is not good at making a house, so this is why his house is just a rock, but Patrick did manage to build the rooms and put his stuff in it.

It is revealed that Patrick's parents kicked him out and got rid of him, so he had to make his own house.[2]

In the episode "The Card," Patrick is revealed to have a landlord who constantly changes the lock on him.

In the episode "I'm with Stupid," it is revealed that Patrick's house has two rooms, including the kitchen. Sometimes there is also a bathroom in the house, as seen in "The Donut of Shame."

In the episode "The Pink Purloiner," the house is revealed to have a staircase.

In the episode "Growth Spout," he is revealed to own a sand refrigerator full of fake sand food items in his kitchen.

In the episode "Shell Games," it is revealed that Patrick's house is a shell that belongs to a sea turtle named Tony. Tony has been asleep for over 30 years and his shell slowly became covered in a dirt-like substance, giving it a rock-like appearance.

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  • Patrick's rock in some episodes has one room and in others, it has a lot of rooms, a stairway, and even a basement. However, in other episodes, under Patrick's rock is simply the flat ground.
  • It is revealed in "The Donut of Shame" that Patrick's house does not have an attic, as Patrick keeps forgetting he doesn't have one.
  • In one of the theme songs in "Truth or Square," Patrick is described as "living like a barnacle." This references how barnacles often live on hard surfaces like rocks.
  • Patrick sleeping on the bottom of his house is a parody of the idiom "living under a rock," meaning one does not understand their surroundings, which links to Patrick's stupidity. It could also be a parody of the simile "dumb as a rock."
  • Patrick's pet Rocky in "The Great Snail Race" is similar to his house.
  • The SpongeBob LEGO set called "Adventures in Bikini Bottom (3827)" has Patrick's house in LEGO form. Patrick's house design in that LEGO set is based on the early seasons by including a chair and a CRT TV. The only difference from the early seasons of the show is that the LEGO version also includes a table with a red cup on it.
  • A sculpture in the sand room shaped like Patrick's house appears from Secret Magic Control Agency.


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