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Not to be confused with Patrick Star.

Patrick Not-Star is a starfish who looks a lot like Patrick from behind, but has a short beard and brown eyebrows.


Patrick Not-Star looks almost exactly like Patrick, except with facial hair and a nose. He has brown eyebrows, brown hair, a mustache, a beard, slant eyes, and a big nose (Patrick had one until it "wilted"). His voice also sounds similar to Patrick's.


He only appears in the episode "Hide and Then What Happens?" when SpongeBob is looking for Patrick when they are playing hide-and-seek. Patrick forgets that they are playing, so he goes home without telling SpongeBob. Patrick Not-Star seems to be more intelligent than Patrick. He is seen at the end of the world where SpongeBob mistakes him for Patrick until he turns around revealing his facial features. Patrick Not-Star realizes SpongeBob's problem of not finding Patrick and overall not winning the game and says that games are about fun and not winning all the time. After saying this, he then asks SpongeBob for a dollar (implying that he has no money like Patrick).
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