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Patrick Man is an alternate-universe version of Patrick Man and the superhero alter-ego of Patrick Star, who is the alternate-universe version of Patrick Star. Patrick Man/Patrick Star comes from the Bikini Bottom 2 universe. He appears in the comic of the same name. He also appears on the cover of SpongeBob Comics #6.


Unlike the main-universe Patrick Man, this Patrick Man has more of a proper look to his uniform.

Unlike non-Patrick Man superhero aliases of the main universe Patrick Star, this Patrick Man seems to be more of a partner than a sidekick.

Role in comic

After Karen steals the cookie secret formula from Plankton, he and Super SpongeBob SquarePants appear to save the day. Super SpongeBob SquarePants gives back the formula and Patrick Man holds Karen up. After SpongeBob gets the heroes' attention, Patrick Man lets her go and she runs off.

After SpongeBob explains his situation, Patrick Man says that the two heroes will help.

Later, at Evil Sandy's treedome, Patrick Man has created a hole in the shape of a starfish in the dome's metal exterior.

The three enter and find Sandy's dimensional portal machine. SpongeBob plays with the machine. However, Patrick Man is going to grab a bag of chips, which is behind the portal. SpongeBob presses the reverse button and sends him elsewhere. Super SpongeBob SquarePants angrily asks where Patrick Man is.

Patrick Man appears later slapping his head after SpongeBob realizes that SpongeBob is the hero of the Bikini Bottom 2 universe.
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