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Patrick For President was a SpongeBob SquarePants event that occurred on President's Day. Seven new episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants premiered during the event. Patrick and Larry were running for president, and viewers would vote in the weeks prior to the event. The final result was that Patrick was elected in a landslide victory with 100% of the votes.


Viewers were able to vote who they wanted for president, which was a competition and who ever got the most votes will win. Kids got campaign updates, created campaign posters, and created episode mash-ups.[1] Patrick won, then they aired many episodes about Patrick.


Patrick Star single-handedly swept the election, gaining the majority vote in every state, leaving Larry the Lobster in the dust.


Time Episode
5:00pm "?"
5:30pm "?"
6:00pm "?"
6:30pm "Patrick SmartPants"/"SquidBob TentaclePants"
7:00pm "Driven to Tears"/"Rule of Dumb" (NEW!)
7:30pm "The Pink Purloiner" (NEW!)
7:45pm "The Gift of Gum" (NEW!)
8:00pm "Rise and Shine"/"Waiting" (NEW!)
8:15pm "Sing a Song of Patrick" (NEW!)


Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
Driven to Tears title card.png
77a "Driven to Tears" February 19, 2007
SpongeBob gets jealous of Patrick after he gets his driver's license.
Rule of Dumb title card.png
77b "Rule of Dumb" February 19, 2007
Patrick becomes a mean tyrant when he is crowned king.
The Pink Purloiner title card.png
79a "The Pink Purloiner" February 19, 2007
SpongeBob thinks that Patrick has stolen his jellyfishing net, Ol' Reliable.
The Gift of Gum title card.png
80b "The Gift of Gum" February 19, 2007
SpongeBob tries to give Patrick back his giant ball of gum without hurting his feelings.
Rise and Shine title card.png
83a "Rise and Shine" February 19, 2007
Patrick's morning routine is revealed.
Waiting title card.png
83b "Waiting" February 19, 2007
SpongeBob and Patrick wait for a toy being delivered by the mailman.
Sing a Song of Patrick title card.png
89b "Sing a Song of Patrick" February 19, 2007
Patrick tries to write a hit song.





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