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Meow, no! Meow, no!
— Patrick (snail), "Sanctuary!"

Patrick is the snail alter-ego of Patrick Star. He appears in the episode "Sanctuary!"


He looks very similar to the real Patrick. His eyes are made out of straws and he has an orange shell that was bought from a shell shop.

Role in episode

After Patrick transforms himself into a snail, he goes to SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob asks him what his name is, and Patrick says it is "Patrick" and does a meow. SpongeBob "names" him Patrick and takes him inside his house.

Patrick sees how horribly SpongeBob's house has degraded and tries to get out, but SpongeBob traps him inside. He tries to get out again after SpongeBob talks to the pet control fish, but SpongeBob stops him and tells him he needs a bath.

At the end of the episode, Patrick gets taken away to Bob Barnacle Rescue Center with the other snails, but after SpongeBob realizes that Patrick is really Patrick Star, he runs after the truck leaving with Patrick and tells him not to worry and that he will adopt him.


  • "Meow."
  • "It's Patrick! Um, Meow!"
  • "Meow, help! Meow, help!"
  • "Bye, SpongeBob."
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