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Frozen Face-Off 34

Patrick and Sandy have a strange relationship. They tend to get violent with each other sometimes due to their large gap in intelligence, but they are no doubt friends.


"Tea at the Treedome"

Sandy helps revive him and SpongeBob by creating water helmets for the duo and saying, "Here's to new friends" before proposing a toast with the tea.

"Patrick SmartPants"

Sandy and Patrick are laughing together. However, Patrick describes her of being impaired and Sandy shouts that she liked him better as a barnacle head.

"Chimps Ahoy"

Sandy thanks Patrick for helping her. Patrick then said, "That's Mr. Doctor Professor Patrick." Sandy was annoyed and said not to push it. Patrick gladly said sorry.


Sandy told Patrick, "Come on, Pat! We need your help!". They later help SpongeBob get the song out of his head.

"Patrick! The Game"

Sandy gives Patrick tips on making a game. Later, he invites her, SpongeBob, and Squidward to play it. She enjoyed playing Patrick's game.


After finding out Squidward created a sport that was meant on killing SpongeBob and Patrick, she stood up for her friends and challenged Squidward to a game in order to save them from death. Sandy manages to win the game and SpongeBob and Patrick are saved.

"Feral Friends"

Patrick went to Sandy's birthday party.

Times they have fought



Sandy fights Patrick to SpongeBob go to the Hospital.

They fought over whether SpongeBob should go to the doctor or not.


Patrick makes fun of Sandy's home state Texas and the people who live there, angering Sandy to the point where she chased him, lassoed him to her and then beat him up so violently it caused a nuclear explosion.

"Survival of the Idiots"

Sandy beats up SpongeBob and Patrick as Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry when they interrupt her sleep. However, she is somewhat incoherent and doesn't recognize either of them since she's half-asleep.

"Band Geeks"

Why you

Patrick kicks Sandy after SpongeBob said that.

Patrick kicks Sandy after Squidward recommends his band does some kicking and Sandy responds by sticking him in a trombone. When he kicks her again later in the episode, she tries to do the same with a trumpet.

"I Had an Accident"

Sandy calls Patrick stupid and hits him on the head when he shows her what crazy talk is.

"Patrick SmartPants"

Patrick calls Sandy dumb, correcting her math and assuming that people younger than her could do better. This makes her upset, kicking him out and calling him a "barnacle head."



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