Patrick's cousins are a group of five starfish who are the cousins of Patrick Star. They appear in the comic Star Studded Cast.


The group of cousins consist of five starfish; Ed, Happy, Tiny, Billy, and Pinny. It is unknown what Ed, Happy, and Tiny fully look like, but Ed has lazy eyes, Happy has a large frown, and Tiny is a tall orange starfish wearing green shorts with blue flowers. Billy is a pink starfish wearing a brown cowboy hat and yellow shorts with light blue flowers. Pinny is a really small yellow starfish that sits on Billy's chest, and he wears blue shorts with green flowers.

Ed, Happy, and Tiny are purposely unfinished so that the reader can use their imagination to finish what they can look like.

Role in comic

Patrick introduces them to SpongeBob, and SpongeBob guesses that Billy is a sheriff due to his outfit. Billy corrects SpongeBob and reveals that his "badge" is actually Pinny, another one of Patrick's cousins.


  • Ed shares his name with Patrick's other cousin.
  • Happy and Tiny's names are ironic, as Happy has a large frown and Tiny is the largest cousin out of all the cousins.


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