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— The Patchy Patty, "Friend or Foe"

A Patchy Patty is a burger made by Patchy the Pirate. It appears during the Patchy segments of the episode "Friend or Foe."


The patty shows a smiling mouth drawn in mustard with a pickle for a left eye, and a miniature eye patch to resemble his own. The patty was designed to resemble Patchy. It can also talk, saying "Ahoy!"

Role in episode

Patchy makes it in an effort to try and develop new meals to sell to his customers and in order to please his boss, Mr. Pirateson. However, when he tries to get his burger approved for sale, the patty is denied by his co-worker, Potty the Parrot, who claimed it to be his worst one yet. It makes Patchy break up with Potty.