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"Pat the Dog" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from Season 13. In this episode, Patrick is sent to the pound for acting like a worm, but he will only be able to leave if SpongeBob can train him.



The episode begins at the Animal shelter where a snail is trying to grab a key so it can escape. Marvin is on the phone as SpongeBob, who is volunteering, walks in. He is asked by Marvin to stop letting the worms use the phone. Marvin is then on the phone with Squidward who is complaining that there is a worm outside his house who won’t stop barking. Marvin gets on the case right away as he puts SpongeBob in charge while he's gone. SpongeBob promises that he will do his job to the best of his ability. He nervously walks over to Butcher the worm's cage, who growls when he tried to pet him.

Marvin arrives back at the Animal shelter with Patrick, who turned out to be the worm Squidward was complaining about. Patrick, acting a like a worm, drags Marvin around before going to see SpongeBob. He then goes to eat worm food that SpongeBob just poured out of a bag. Marvin isn’t thrilled by Patrick's behavior as SpongeBob sought to train him.

It is night, and SpongeBob brings Patrick to his home. He then calls Gary over telling him that he brought him a playmate. They didn't get along very well. They resort to destroying SpongeBob's living room from their chasing. Patrick proceeds to bark all night, angering Squidward. He knocks on his door and a drowsy SpongeBob answers. Not knowing who Squidward is, Patrick bursts through the entrance trying to attack him. SpongeBob pulls Squidward away from him and into his house. SpongeBob says that he doesn't know what to do now that Patrick is back in his worm state. Squidward tells him that taming a worm isn't so hard and that he should giving him tough love. SpongeBob then pleads to him, asking if he could give tough love to Patrick. He tells SpongeBob to beg him, in which he responds to by acting like a dog. Squidward accepts, before telling SpongeBob to play dead.

The next scene shows a caged Patrick and Squidward in protective gear. He tries to teach Patrick how to heel, but that fails. Squidward has had enough and takes Patrick out to abandon him. Squidward returns home and has a knock on his door. It turns out Patrick has come back with stickers on his body, implying he has traveled around the world.

Squidward gives Patrick a shock collar. He puts it on him and tells him that whenever he barks, he will "give him a mild tough-love shock." When he tries to use it, it only vibrates, much to Squidward's intentions. He assumes it's broken and tries to take it off, only for it to work on him. Squidward takes Patrick out to abandon him again, instead with Patrick caged up. When Squidward returns home, he opens his door and an angry Patrick comes out. This time, it's Patrick taking Squidward out to abandon him.

Squidward drags himself home, and tries to open the door. Patrick answers and growls at him. Marvin shows up and tells Squidward that SpongeBob said that he has trained Patrick using tough love. He tells him that it's impossible to train him and can't get him to sit -- which Patrick does --. He said he tried to get him to beg -- which Patrick does, too--. Then he starts giving him usual (and unusual) dog commands, ending with "play dead." Marvin is impressed and calls Squidward a miracle worker. Marvin then gives Squidward a problem worm that is in need of training: Butcher.

Patrick turns back to normal as SpongeBob notices. It's revealed that Patrick snapped out of his worm state hours ago and just wanted to make Squidward feel proud of himself. Hearing commotion from his house, SpongeBob hopes he is not too rough on him. Finally, they both come out. But Butcher is walking Squidward on a leash, and Butcher greets the two. Surprised from such a sight, they both drop and play dead with flowers in their hands, ending the episode.

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This episode was confirmed on July 1, 2021



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Funday - Eric Spear [Title card]
  Dandy Andy - Roger Roger [Opening]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 17B - Jeremy Wakefield [Marvin sighs.]
  Wacky Walk 1 - Sam Sklair, Otto Sieben [SpongeBob checks on the worms.]
  ? [Shot of Butcher's cage.]
  Hippie Hop - Alan Perry [Marvin arrives with Patrick.]
  ? [Butcher's cage.]
  Hippie Hop - Alan Perry ["Don't worry, sir, I'll train him. He's already house broken."]
  Wacky Walk 1 - Sam Sklair, Otto Sieben [SpongeBob trains Patrick to do tricks.]
  Greenhorn Rag - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Patrick "rolls over."]
  The Merry Devil - Remastered - Ronald Hanmer ["I know one wormy that needs a bath."]
  Harpsichord Classical Bits 1 - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Fancy worms.]
  Hawaiian Slide - Nicolas Carr, Jeremy Wakefield ["One hour later."]
  ? [Worms having a race.]
  Comedy Punctuations and Bridges 4 - Fredric Bayco ["This worm is a menace."]
  Final Fate - Max Saunders [SpongeBob tells Marvin that he will adopt Patrick.]
  Hippomania - John Fox, Mac Prindy [SpongeBob adopts Patrick.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 2 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Oh, Gary... I brought you a playmate."]
  Dramatic Cue (G) - Ronald Hanmer [Patrick destroys SpongeBob's house.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 8D - Jeremy Wakefield [Patrick barking.]
  Attack of the Sea Cucumbers - Jason Dobrowner [Patrick attacks Squidward.]
  A Fishy Conversation - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Squidward tells SpongeBob that Patrick needs tough love.]
  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr [Transition to next scene.]
  Fraidy Cat - Fredric Bayco [Squidward tries training Patrick.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 33A - Jeremy Wakefield ["Alright, that's it!"]
  Breakout - Syd Dale [Squidward takes Patrick to the woods.]
  ? [Squidward returns home.]
  Another Goofy Cue - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Patrick returns.]
  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr [Transition to next scene.]
  Playful Pup - Alfred Ralston [Squidward puts a shock collar on Patrick.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 15 - Jeremy Wakefield [Squidward's plan fails.]
  Breakout - Syd Dale [Squidward takes Patrick in the woods in a cage.]
  ? [SpongeBob still playing dead.]
  Uh-Oh Flutter-Eyed - [ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours: Animator] [Patrick is back in Squidward's house.]
  Breakout - Syd Dale [Patrick drives Squidward to the woods.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 15 - Jeremy Wakefield [Squidward left in the woods.]
  A Short Fishy Conversation - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Squidward crawls back to his house in pain.]
  The Merry Devil - Remastered - Ronald Hanmer [Marvin appears.]
  ? [Patrick does a cheerleader split.]
  ? [Patrick acts like a chicken.]
  ? ["Air guitar."]
  ? [Patrick plays air guitar.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 28 - Jeremy Wakefield [Squidward tells Patrick to play dead.]
  Funeral Parlor Music - Nicolas Carr [Patrick plays dead]
  Who Said That - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony ["Well, I don't like to brag but–"]
  ? [Marvin brings in Butcher.]
  Earl's Revenge - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Ending.]
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Patrick imitating the Mocking SpongeBob meme.

  • Also like in "Pat the Horse", Patrick is going through a phase of acting likes a different animal. This episode, Patrick is acting likes a worm (dog) after accidentally eaten some worm food.
  • When Patrick is turning into different things, he turns into a chicken. This is a reference to the meme "Mocking SpongeBob", from the episode "Little Yellow Book."
  • This episode was paired up with "Pat Hearts Squid" during the original airing.
    • This episode, along with "Pat Hearts Squid," preceded to the series premieres of the SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off, The Patrick Star Show and the Nickelodeon animated series, Middlemost Post.
      • Ironically for Middlemost Post, former crew member John Trabbic had also worked on that show.
      • Additionally, the episodes were Patrick themed.
  • This episode wasn't originally scheduled to air, as "Patrick's Tantrum" was supposed to air in its place, but then a huge scheduling error occured where this episode along with its sister, "Goofy Scoopers" were scheduled at the same time, resulting in confusion until the episodes actually aired, with "Patrick's Tantrum" mistakenly releasing on iTunes and Amazon.
  • Patrick previously pretended to be a dog in "I'm with Stupid," "Grooming Gary," "Sanitation Insanity," "Spot Returns," and "Gary & Spot."
  • The scene where Squidward repeatedly ditches Patrick in the kelp forest is similar to how Mr. Krabs ditched SpongeBob in the kelp forest to keep him away from the Krusty Krab in "Bummer Vacation."
  • The "One Hour Later" time card in this episode is reused from "Wet Painters," except the time card is in widescreen.
  • It is revealed that Patrick goes into worm mode whenever he eats worm food.
    • This similar to how when he eats snail food in "Treats!", he acts like a snail meowing after he eats the food.
    • However, in "SpongeBob You're Fired", Patrick also eats snail food, but doesn't act like a snail.
  • This is the first episode of the main show to use the track "Attack of the Sea Cucumbers."
  • This is the second episode to show Patrick's body dent busting through a door. The first is in "Swamp Mates."
  • This is the second appearance of Marvin after "Gary & Spot" in season 12.
  • The tattoo of "mom" on Butcher is a callback to "No Weenies Allowed."

Cultural references

  • The Chokey the Bear billboard seen in the part where Squidward ditches Patrick is a reference to the real life Smokey the Bear billboard.
  • The first time Patrick returns from being left in the forest, one of the stickers on his body shows he visited Burbank, California, where SpongeBob SquarePants is produced at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio.
  • The name of the episode is the same as another show.
    • Ironically, the creator of that series is named Patrick Ermosilla.