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Did somebody say jellyfishing?
— PatTron, "SB-129"

PatTron is the robot descendant of Patrick Star from the year 4017. He appears in the episode "SB-129" and the video game SpongeBob SquarePants Through the Wormhole.


PatTron fully resembles Patrick, even donning the same type of shorts that his ancestor Patrick wore. The only difference between the two is PatTron has two heads, which both speak at the same time. He also has the ability to teleport.



SpongeTron is PatTron's best friend, who's basically a robot version of SpongeBob. However, unlike PatTron, SpongeTron doesn't have 2 heads but rather a bunch of clones all looking like the present SpongeBob. SpongeTron and PatTron also both love jellyfishing, just like SpongeBob and Patrick.


He lives in Chrome Bikini Bottom and is most likely best friends with all 486 SpongeTrons.

His favorite hobby is jellyfishing. Proof of this is that in "SB-129," he is holding a jellyfish net when he teleports to the futuristic Krusty Krab and asks if somebody mentioned jellyfishing.

Role in episode

Squidward sees him and SpongeTron in the futuristic kitchen of the Krusty Krab when he is in the future.


  • When PatTron teleports into the futuristic Krusty Krab kitchen, the effect that he makes has a similar coloration and design like the time machine. However, the sound emitted sounds more mechanical and electrical, further implying that PatTron is somewhat mechanical.


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