The PatBot is a giant robot who appears in the video game SpongeBob's Truth or Square as the first boss.


He is much similar to Robo-Patrick and Patrick, except he has a belt, no skulls on his shorts, and he has a cyclops eye and antenna like Plankton, his controller.

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"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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Role in game

SpongeBob upsets Patrick by calling him tubby, so he runs away. Just then, Robo-Patrick shows up and tries to hurt him. Robo-Patrick tries to slip him with mud, stab him with sharp pins and sink him in green goo.

After SpongeBob defeats him, he lowers his head and hovers away. However, in the console/PSP versions, as SpongeBob talks with Patrick, Robo-Patrick explodes, but in the DS version, he flies up instead of explodes.


Console version

PatBot starts by changing his hands into propellers and spins around while slowly approaching SpongeBob. After a while, he will stop to taunt for a few seconds. After taunting, he pulls a hammer out of his mouth and starts to repeatedly slam the hammer to the ground while approaching SpongeBob. After a while, he will start to taunt again and will repeat the same propeller attack. However, after a while, instead of taunting, his pants will fall off, leaving him embarrassed and vulnerable. SpongeBob has to hit his back repeatedly.

PatBot with his exposed weak spot.

After emptying the first section of his health, he will ascend and smashes a truck that carries ice and scatters it on one side of the arena, making it slippery and hard to control. Several robot minions will appear to attack SpongeBob but after clearing them all, PatBot will return to the arena and will proceed to do the same pattern with the difference being the second truck carrying a truckload of jelly, which will make SpongeBob keep licking the floor, leaving him vulnerable.

During the fight, the crowd at The Salty Spitoon will throw a crate that contains the buff power-up. Using the power-up will allow SpongeBob to hit PatBot's belt buckle during any of his taunts with the propeller move will make the robot's pants fall off early.

PSP version

Like most of the fights in this version, the fight is the same as the console versions. The only differences are the boss' lack of sound effects with the exception of the propeller attack, which reuses the standard enemy attack, and the absence of the crowd, having the power-up always present at the middle instead. Also, due to the difference between the physics in the PSP and the console versions, SpongeBob can easily maneuver on the jelly during the last phases, easily escaping the attacks.

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