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"Pat-a-thon" is a The Patrick Star Show episode from season 1. In this episode, Patrick hosts a telethon to raise money for snails who can't dance.



The episode starts as a fake snail eye from behind a curtain looks around, and as the curtains draw back, Squidina runs, looking like a snail in a snail costume. She stands on stage to announce the first annual Pat-a-thon and the reason for it is for snails who cannot dance, and announces the host, Patrick Star. After a small musical act, he tells a joke, and finds out it has gone stale. He introduces the Pat-a-thon phone bank, consisting of neighborhood randoms they choose to take people's calls and pledges. Squidward gets a phone call for someone named "I.M. Boring." After he finds out about the prank, he turns bright red. Patrick says that the day's goal is "a thousand hundred dollars" to get every non-dancing snail the dance lessons they need.

He checks the money board and finds $0, and says that people are very generous. He says that GrandPat will do a dangerous stunt to help raise money, and mispronounces Perch Perkins's name and after correcting him, a dangerous and stupid stunt is shown, as GrandPat says that he is filling out his will, and says no one gets anything. SpongeBob and Gary are introduced, as SpongeBob says that he has tried everything with Gary, including, tap, ballet, and even slam dancing, but Gary still cannot dance, which makes SpongeBob cry. Bunny enters and says that it is laundry time, so she takes Patrick's pants, and Patrick tells her to show what she can do with her tattoo. She shows a tattoo of a dancer, who dances when she shakes her arms. The tattoo changes from what looks like a hula dancer, to a stage danger, to dance troupe.

When the dance ends, we zoom out to see Pat-gor watching the show. Dr. Plankenstein tells him he cannot because he does not pay him. Pat-gor shows Dr. Plankenstein that he has been collecting parts from the floor because he wanted to make a friend, but he now wants snails to dance, and Dr. Plankenstein thinks that is a new kind of evil, even though he did not approve of it at first, so he calls for the phone, and SpongeMonster knocks down the door and brings him an old-fashioned phone. Dr. Plankenstein comments on how he has not used it since he hung with Dracula. SpongeMonster is hooked up to whirly brains to hook electricity for the phone, and when the phone rings, Dr. Plankenstein remembers why he disconnected the phone. He chases Pat-gor and SpongeMonster with a chainsaw, and after a chase, Dr. Plankenstein breaks the fourth wall and cuts the screen, still chasing SpongeMonster, as Patrick says that he has a timeshare at the black lagoon.

Sandy barges in by kicking the door, ordering to stop everything and not raise money because she says she has the solution: an automatic snail hoofer. She says that when you hook up a snail to it, the machine makes the dance moves for the snail, but it backfires and starts to spin Gary. As Sandy and Patrick try to stop it from moving, they both get stuck. The machine explodes into pieces, as Sandy says it needs some "modern adjustments" and Gary chases her away afterwards. The money board changes to show $0.01 and the jellyfish band plays music as Patrick says they are one penny closer to their goal. After mispronouncing Perch Perkins's name again, an alligator pit, wheel of fire, 10 blindfolded boxing champs, and a math teacher with a problem, are seen. As time gets closer, GrandPat will sacrifice himself to help snails who cannot dance. Sandy comes back and has a new invention called the "cut the rug rug." When she tests it out on Gary, however, she flies out of the place.

Squidward then gets another call from someone called "IMA Loser." As he realizes the joke, he hangs up angrily. Patrick is seen sleeping and he wakes up saying it is almost the end of the Pat-a-thon, meaning it is time for GrandPat's stunt. After Perch Perkins mispronounces his own name, Patrick is pulled up for a last-minute pep talk. After GrandPat lies that his seat warmer is not working, he pushes Patrick down the ramp, gets eaten by a alligator, and is spit out by the other, goes through the wheel of fire, passes through the 10 boxing champs, and solves the problem right. He gets picked up by a crane and goes up the ramp to go down it, as Slappy tells him that the excitement is "killing him" as they go down and up the tall ramp. Sandy barges in saying that she has found the solution and she named it the tap spray. At first there is nothing, but tapping noises are heard after, and Gary is found to have dozens of little tap dancing feet underneath him.

Dale gets a call and Gary dances some more while the money board goes from $0.01 to -$0.01. The jellyfish band plays music, Gary dances with SpongeBob, and everyone dances while Patrick and Slappy land in the middle in GrandPat's wheelchair and he thanks everyone for making the Pat-a-thon a huge success. Squidward shows up with a message for someone to call Mia Dumbbell, and everyone calls him a dumbbell as he turns red and says he hates telethons as the episode ends.

Running gags

  • Patrick mispronouncing Perch Perkins' name.
  • Someone prank calling Squidward.
  • Sandy kicking the door and it flies.




 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Comic Chase - Marc Durst [Opening]
  Snail Song - Eban Schletter, Kaz Prapuolenis [Patrick sings about snails who can't dance]
  Grandpa's Tune - Peter Seiber [Patrick explains the goal of the Pat-a-thon]
  Love Story: Lonely - Laurie Johnson ["A snail who can't dance..."]
  Swing It! - Optiganally Yours [Optigan sample] ["...and his owner, SpongeBob!"]
  Hawaiian Solo Steel - Nicolas Carr, Jeremy Wakefield ["Now tell us your pathetic story, just like we rehearsed!"]
  Tap Dancer A - John Fiddy [SpongeBob tap dancing]
  Baroque Fin 22 C Maj - Marcin Pospieszalski [SpongeBob doing ballet]
  ? [SpongeBob slam dancing]
  Love Story: Lonely - Laurie Johnson [SpongeBob cries]
  Tijuana Tap Dance - Larry Ashmore [Bunny Star taking out dirty laundry]
  ? [Bunny shows her tattoos]
  Witches' Brew - Tony Kinsley [Start of Dr. Plankenstein segment]
  Toccata Synthesis - Alan Hawkshaw, Johann Sebastian Bach [Dr. Plankenstein restarts his telephone.]
  Bunny Buns Band - Brad Carow, Nicolas Carr [Dr. Plankenstein chases SpongeMonster and Pat-gor with a chainsaw]
  Witches' Brew - Tony Kinsley [Dr. Plankenstein saws through a sheet]
  Western Square Dance B - John Fox ["Hold everything! Stop the music! You don't need to raise money!"]
  Sports Hero - Harry Dexter [Perch Perkins reporting on Billy Bob's stunt]
  The Austin Sante-Fe Boogie-Woogie Trail - Vassili Caillosse [Sandy introduces her rug]
  Gametime - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Squidward receives a prank call]
  Swing Cowboy Swing - Vassili Caillosse [Patrick announces the finale of the Pat-a-thon]
  Spirit of Sport - William Mackane ["That's Search Gherkins! I-I I mean Smerch Lurkins!"]
  Strumming That Old Banjo - Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker [Patrick goes through the track]
  Tap Dancer A - John Fiddy [Ending]
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  • When this episode premiered in the United States, it aired first, before its sister episode, "Lost in Couch." This segment order also happened in early reruns during the Mega Music Fest event, mainly because of this episode's musical elements. In all subsequent airings and production order, the episode segment order is reversed.
  • This is the first episode of The Patrick Star Show directed by Jeff DeGrandis.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Sandy Cheeks and Gary the Snail in The Patrick Star Show.
  • This episode marks the first time that SpongeBob cries in The Patrick Star Show, but SpongeBob does not make crying noises. All he says when he cries is "But my poor snail just can't dance!"
  • This is SpongeBob's second appearance in The Patrick Star Show.
  • This is the second episode of The Patrick Star Show where Cecil does not appear.

Episode references

Cultural references

  • This episode's title is a play on the words "marathon" and "telethon."
  • When Sandy activates her Automatic Snail Hoofer, she mimics the famous disco dance pose from the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever.
  • Squidward's prank calls are reminiscent of Bart's prank calls from The Simpsons.


Pat-a-thon 055.png
  • When SpongeBob is slam dancing, his piece of yellow hair is gone.



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