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"Pat's A Li'l Sinker" is a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode from Season 1. In this episode, Mrs. Puff gives swimming lessons to Patrick after realizing he never got his swim badge.



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 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  ? [Opening.]
  ? [Squidward sinks.]
  Shooting The Rapids - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Mrs.Puff on the megaphone.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [Mrs.Puff explaining lake rules.]
  ? [The campers continue playing.]
  Criss Cross - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [SpongeBob, Patrick & Sandy head towards the lake.]
  Delightful Morning - Stephane Huguenin, François Delfin [Patrick is afraid to jump in the lake.]
  ? [Patricks jumps in the air.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [Patrick sinks.]
  ? [SpongeBob panics.]
  ? ["I'm okay!"]
  ? [Patrick drowning.]
  Tearaway - Ralph Dollimore [Mrs.Puff saves Patrick.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [Mrs.Puff says Patrick is not allowed in the lake.]
  Shore Leave - Will Hesling [Montage of Mrs.Puff teaching Patrick how to swim.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [Patrick gets put back in the Pollywog Pool.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr
  ? - Nicolas Carr ["Of course!"]
  ? ["We can?"]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [They plan to go to the bottom of the lake.]
  ? [Mrs.Puff sees a pair of swim trunks in the lake.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [They sneak past Mrs.Puff.]
  ? ["We made it!"]
  Gangway - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Playing at the bottom of the lake.]
  Unknown Karate Sting 12 - Nicolas Carr
  Retro Cool 02 115 E - Steve Sechi, Nicolas Carr [They do Karate.]
  ? [Party music.]
  Patchy's Parched Blues - Nicolas Carr [Tumbleweed passes by.]
  ? [Party music.]
  In the Cooler Tension Build Up - Nicolas Carr [Mrs.Puff gets angry.]
  ? [Party music.]
  Oh My Neptune! - Nicolas Carr [Mrs.Puff sucks up all the water.]
  ? [Everyone is put in the Pollywog Pool.]
  ? [Ending.]


  • Patrick crying in the Pollywog Pool is a reference to "Roller Cowards" as in both episodes, Patrick cries in both the Mitten, and the Pollywog Pool while a baby does not.
  • This episode marks a brief return for Kristen Morrison as a storyboard director. But then she left the franchise again.