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Not to be confused with Port-O-Head.

The outhouse (referred to as Outie by Patrick) is an outhouse that first appears in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, as the latrine,[1] and appears throughout Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years. It has it's most major role in the episode "Outhouse Outrage." In said episode, it is destroyed twice and becomes a ghost named the outhouse ghost.[2]


The outhouse is a wooden outhouse with toilet paper sticking out on the outside, and also has a crescent shape on the door (which is shaped like a flower cloud in the third movie), it also has a metal roof with a pipe. As a ghost, the outhouse retains the same design, but now bright green and slightly transparent. When the outhouse was rebuilt, it had red paint and the toilet paper was not sticking out from the outside. In "Hard Time Out" Patrick makes the outhouse into a fully functioning tractor (which is unnamed).

Role in series

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

The latrine appears in several background shots throughout Camp Coral. The latrine's design is much more simpler in the movie as it does not have any role.

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years

"Kamp Koral Theme Song"

SpongeBob uses the outhouse at the end of the theme song.

"The Jellyfish Kid"

Although not physically shown, the outhouse is briefly mentioned by Squidward when he asks SpongeBob if he has to use it.

"Cabin of Curiosities"

When SpongeBob goes inside the outhouse, all the Trawler Cabin members attempt to bite SpongeBob. Unfortunately, they fail due to Patrick opening the outhouse door and interrupting them.

"The Treasure of Kamp Koral"

When SpongeBob and Patrick use the outhouse, Mr. Krabs gives them toilet paper as well as perfuming it.

"Hot Pearl-tato"

The outhouse makes a brief cameo in the background.

"What About Meep?"

SpongeBob paints a painting of the outhouse while Patrick uses it. SpongeBob and Patrick also talk to one of the anchovies next to the outhouse.

"Hard Time Out"

When Mr. Krabs is checking off the various places in the camp grounds, he also checks the outhouse (commenting on how gross and disgusting it is). However, Mr. Krabs is shocked that Patrick transformed the outhouse into a fully functioning tractor. Patrick drives the outhouse tractor into the lake hoping he gets a time out. However, Mr. Krabs congratulates Patrick for doing it, as he says that the outhouse needed a good clean.

"Game Night"

Mrs. Puff checks the outhouse to see if there are any bugs. She does not see any at first, and tells SpongeBob that the outhouse is safe to use. Unfortunately, a giant bug was living in the outhouse and it proceeded to beat up Mrs. Puff.

"Wise Kraken"

Plankton tells Mr. Krabs while he is in the outhouse that what he is doing is ruining his plans. Mr. Krabs says he has to deal with it and proceeds to throw Plankton out of the outhouse.

"Squatch Swap"

Patrick attempts to hide in the outhouse from the squatches, but Squidward says that he needs to wait his turn as he got in first. When the squatches do arrive, Squidward tells them (thinking they are Patrick) to be patient. Patrick attempts to get in the outhouse later but it is locked.

"The Ho! Ho! Horror!"

Patrick uses the outhouse in the middle of the night after drinking root beer.

"Outhouse Outrage"

When Mr. Krabs attempts to use outhouse in the beginning of the episode, it unexpectedly explodes. Mr. Krabs calls upon Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick to see who is guilty. Squidward says that he threw SpongeBob's face rag in the outhouse. While on the other hand, SpongeBob says that he threw a cake with flaming candles in the outhouse (due to it being the outhouse's birthday). Patrick then says that he had a conversation with the outhouse (whom he calls Outie), and gave him some of Plankton's chili. Mr. Krabs is confused who to believe, until Preda Tory suggests to summon the outhouse's ghost and see what he thinks. The outhouse ghost reveals that all four of them were guilty, and all the previous three items mentioned were contributing factors on why he exploded. However, the outhouse ghost points the blame on Mr. Krabs the most, as he reveals that he was throwing Pearl's dirty diapers in him for months and was the biggest reason of the outhouse exploding. The outhouse ghost then barfs out all the trash that everyone threw in him for months, including the main items that caused him to explode. The outhouse ghost then proceeds to leave, with Patrick thanking him for the chili, which the outhouse ghost says that he is welcome before leaving. Everyone except Preda Tory proceeds to rebuild the outhouse for a week, until it explodes yet again when Patrick hammers a loose nail, causing Mr. Krabs to jump out of the outhouse and explode it. This causes Patrick to mourn the death of the outhouse and the outhouse ghost to come back, agitated that the cycle has to repeat.


  • Other outhouses and portable toilets include the Port-O-Head and the toilets from "The Lost Mattress," SpongeBob's Truth or Square, "Trenchbillies," "A SquarePants Family Vacation," "Ghoul Fools," "It Came from Goo Lagoon," The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, and "FarmerBob."
  • This is the only outhouse ever seen in Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years.
    • Although it is unknown whether it will return or not as it was shown being killed in "Outhouse Outrage" twice.
  • Unlike many outhouses, the toilet paper here is on the outside rather than the inside.
    • This was fixed when it was rebuilt before getting destroyed again.
  • The outhouse is the second toilet character to be killed, the first being Squidward's toilet.
    • Ironically, both were killed by Patrick (although the outhouse was killed by other characters as well and is seemingly friends with Patrick).
  • Despite the outhouse's ghost having the ability to speak, the outhouse itself can only communicate with toilet sounds (which Patrick understands).
  • The title card for "Outhouse Outrage" has foreshadowing on the outhouse ghost, as the word "Outhouse" is brown to signify the normal outhouse, while the word "Outrage" is green to signify the outhouse ghost.
  • The outhouse tractor from "Hard Time Out" is the only unique version of the outhouse to not be in "Outhouse Outrage."