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You're fired.
— Otto's catchphrase

Otto is a robot that appears in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. This robot serves as SpongeBob and Patrick's personal boat driver.


It is a robot with two light bulbs for a head, a bubble jar for a torso, yellow gloves for hands, and wires for a body.

Role in movie

Sandy makes Otto as an assistant for Mr. Krabs, having no heart and being able to fire people. However, once Otto starts gaining control of Mr. Krabs' office, he throws Otto out of the restaurant. Karen takes him in, thinking he's cute. Otto is later used for Plankton's plan on kidnapping Gary, allowing SpongeBob and Patrick to ride to Atlantic City with Otto's help. When they arrive there, Otto starts gambling and forgets about SpongeBob and Patrick.

Later, when the gang runs out of King Poseidon's palace, Otto arrives once more, tricking them into getting in his car and driving away before the rest could even jump in.

Running gags

  • Otto saying "You're fired."
  • Otto driving away from SpongeBob and Patrick whenever they try to get in the boat.


  • Despite Otto having a feminine voice, it is referred to as a male by the movie's characters.