I'm the open window maniac!
— The Open Window Maniac, "Hall Monitor"

The open window maniac is an alter-ego of SpongeBob who appears in the episode "Hall Monitor" and the books Hall Monitor, SpongeBob Saves the Day (book) and Deep-Sea Tales.


He wears a dark blue ski mask over his head and a blue hall monitor's uniform with a hat and belt.

Role in episode

He appears trying to show two fish the error of leaving their window open through an example.

However, SpongeBob's actions along with his future destruction of the city earn him the label of "the maniac" and make him wanted. Oblivious to his actions and blinded by his hall monitor title, SpongeBob goes after his alter-ego along with Patrick, who is given a poster of the maniac and matches him with SpongeBob.

However, Patrick's low intelligence does not allow him to see they are the same person, so he continuously misinforms SpongeBob that the maniac will attack him as the latter goes with it.

After causing enough destruction, SpongeBob obtains a poster and realizes that he is the maniac. When the police arrive to take him in, Mrs. Puff appears and scolds SpongeBob for his destruction of the city and his foolish actions. Mrs. Puff then says to the police that SpongeBob is her student and accidentally takes responsibility for his actions, and she gets arrested instead.


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