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"One Trick Sponge" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 12. In this episode, SpongeBob learns a new magic trick, but can't find an audience to show it to.



SpongeBob comes out of his house, excited to show his trick to the world. He goes to Patrick's house, but he is not home. He goes to Squidward's house next, much to his dismay.

After Squidward removes his eyes so he cannot physically see the trick, SpongeBob goes to Mrs. Puff while she is in a boating test with another student. She tries to escape, but he catches up to her and she puffs up into the air with him. When he is about to show the trick, SpongeBob falls from Mrs. Puff onto Sandy's treedome.

Since she is unable to see the trick due to her head being in another dimension, he goes to Mr. Krabs, who does not want to see the trick, as it will not make money. Afterwards, he goes to Fred, who also does not want to see the trick, as it will not involve his leg.

SpongeBob is sad that no one will see his trick, but gets the idea of making creatures using some wood and rocks. When he does so, he shows the trick, but still feels sad that Patrick could not see it. Luckily, he was on time to see the final part of SpongeBob's trick, and the two go inside the magic hat to witness the trick again.


The episode was confirmed by Vincent Waller on June 28, 2019.[5]


 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  One Trick Sponge Theme - Ego Plum [Title card]
  Happy Holiday - Anthony Spurgin [SpongeBob trying to show his magic trick to Patrick and Squidward]
  Tricks and Traps - James McConnel, Ego Plum [SpongeBob starts showing his magic trick to Squidward]
  Woe is Me! - Richard Myhill ["Oh... I want to show my trick to somebody!"]
  Main Street - Alec Gould [Mrs. Puff examining a driver in a boating test]
  In Pursuit - Alan Wynn [Mrs. Puff sees SpongeBob running towards her]
  Hot Pursuit (a) - Dick Walter [Mrs. Puff orders the driver to drive the boat]
  Tricks and Traps - James McConnel, Ego Plum ["Pick a card, any card!"]
  La Muette De Portici - Daniel Auber [SpongeBob falls down from the sky and lands onto Sandy's treedome]
  Happy Holiday - Anthony Spurgin [SpongeBob enters Sandy's treedome]
  Scary Chase - Alan Wynn [SpongeBob screams after seeing Sandy without head]
  Parallel Dimension - Gregor Narholz [Sandy tells SpongeBob where her head is]
  Lost John - Jerry Burnham, Stephen Wade, Saul Broudy [Sandy's head is observing a tree in the swamp]
  Happy Holiday - Anthony Spurgin [SpongeBob runs to Mr. Krabs' house]
  The Great White (g) - Gregor Narholz [SpongeBob shows Krabs his cards]
  The Krusty Krab Jig - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr, Ego Plum [Krabs asks SpongeBob if his trick has anything to do with money]
  Happy Holiday - Anthony Spurgin [SpongeBob goes to Fred's house]
  Tabu - Daryl Griffith [SpongeBob goes to the kelp forest sadly]
  One Trick Sponge Theme - Ego Plum [SpongeBob shows his "audience" his magic trick]
  Happy Holiday - Anthony Spurgin [Patrick saw a part of the trick]
  One Trick Sponge Theme - Ego Plum [Ending]




  • This is the first episode of season 12 to be shorter than 11 minutes. The second is "Breakin'," and the third is "Dream Hoppers."
    • However, it is the second in airing order. The first is "Breakin'," and the third is "Dream Hoppers."
  • The costume that SpongeBob wears during his trick is a callback to the bunny suit from "Party Pooper Pants."
  • "My leg!:" Fred accidentally chops his leg off with the door, screaming this.
  • This is the first episode to use the track "Happy Holiday" since "The Thing" in season 4.
  • This episode takes place simultaneously with its sister, "Swamp Mates," because Sandy searches for something in the swamp while Patrick and Bubble Bass are there getting chased by crocodiles.
  • SpongeBob mentions that he was practicing his trick since he was a SpongeBoy, which is a reference to SpongeBob's prototype in 1997.
  • In the UK, the scene where Squidward swallows his house key is cut, because kids might imitate it.[6]
  • Both this and its sister episode show a character leaving a dent of their body through a door.
    • In this episode, it is SpongeBob who does so. However, in "Swamp Mates," it is Patrick.
    • This gag is also similar to when SpongeBob crashes through the metal walls of the Krusty Krab in "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV," with the same frame being used when his face is shown through the wall.
  • The seaweed mustache from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie makes an appearance when SpongeBob gets up to realize he looks like a magician.
  • Irony: SpongeBob could have just shown his trick to Gary.
  • This is the fourth episode guest music editor Ego Plum has edited.

Cultural references

  • The episode's title is a pun on "one-trick pony," which refers to someone or something with only one special talent or area of expertise.
  • The walking cards are similar to the card army from Alice in Wonderland.
  • SpongeBob refers to himself as "The Great Spongedini," alluding to the magician Harry Houdini.


  • During the zoom-out of Roger driving with Mrs. Puff, Mrs. Puff's lipstick is red instead of pink.
  • When SpongeBob goes to Fred's house, the direction he moves would mean that Fred's house is opposite from Mr. Krabs and Pearl's house. However, in a later shot, Mr. Krabs' house is nowhere to be seen and is replaced with a kelp forest.
  • When SpongeBob starts walking away from Fred's house, he is holding playing cards. However, when the camera angle changes, he is no longer holding cards.