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Old Man Walker's house is a run-down residence located in Bikini Bottom, and is the home of Old Man Walker. It appears in the episodes "As Seen on TV" and "Patrick the Mailman."



The house is a small, decrepit building made of rusting, stained light blue metal with various attachments such as a tap and a chimney. It has fives windows on the front, a small doorbell that breaks easily, and an orange welcome mat in front of the door.


The inside is shown to be a small room with red cracked walls and a brown wooden floor. A painting and lifesaver are placed on the back wall, and a rocking chair can be seen in the background.

"As Seen on TV" shows another room with green bamboo-style wallpaper with a stained blue carpet. Decorating the room are a red and white couch, a brown TV, and a painting of a water mill on the wall.

Role in series

"As Seen on TV"

During a flashback, Old Man Walker is seen watching an advertisement for Bran Flakes in his house.

"Patrick the Mailman"

SpongeBob and Patrick visit Old Man Walker's house to deliver some mail, where the two accidentally break the doorbell after ringing it. The two quickly fix it before Old Man Walker answers the door, stating he never gets visitors. Patrick then realizes there isn't actually any letters for him.

As Old Man Walker bemoans how he never gets mail, SpongeBob sympathetically gives him a random letter, faking it's for him. Old Man Walker cries in joy after receiving the letter, so SpongeBob and Patrick give him the rest of the mail, making him explode with happiness.