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I hope I don't miss again.
— Old Man Walker, "The Algae's Always Greener"

Old Man Walker[1][2], also known as Incidental 83[3], Incidental PM7, and Old Fish A[4], is an elderly fish who debuts in “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.” He is likely classified as a “elderly” type incidental.


For the first ten seasons, he was often credited as "old fish" or "old man." In 2013, the music video for the SpongeBob Schwammkopf BOBstar - das total abgedrehte Album song "Kommt doch rein" (a cover of the Culcha Candela song "Von allein") called him Alter Jenkins.[5] Several fans and episode 8 of Bikini Bottom Mysteries mistook his name as "Old Man Jenkins," who is a separate character. Season 11 began specifically calling him Old Man Walker; Plankton Paranoia and Library Cards (credits), The Krusty Slammer and Pineapple RV (credits), and "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout" all use this name. The 2020 card and dice game Plankton Rising (which calls Incidental 87 "Mary Walker") calls Old Man Walker "Old Man Jenkins."


He is a short light green elderly fish with light orange liver spots on top of his head. He wears a light blue hospital gown and has thick glasses.

Stop motion

He is colored blue gray with orange liver spots on his scalp and back. He has more of a cleft chin, he wears glasses but has no eyes behind them, he wears light gray pants, and holds a brown wooden cane.

Incidental PM7

He is an elderly patty monster with army green fins and light orange lips. He wears thick glasses and uses a walker with tennis balls to walk around.

Old Fish A

Old Fish A is shown with no eyes under his glasses…

He is colored pale green with salmon lips. He wears a dark blue striped hospital gown and blue framed glasses. He appears to lack eyes without his glasses which can be seen if the player smacks him with his glasses flying off for a short time.


Though Old Man Walker is an incidental, he has been shown to have a consistent personality in many episodes. He is usually portrayed as a meek and clueless elderly man. Because of this personality, other characters in the show usually do things to him such as taking advantage of him and even using or seeing him as an inanimate object.

Role in series

Old Man Walker talking to a support beam.

Old Man Walker is a pretty commonly used incidental character. He is arguably the most commonly used elderly incidental in the series. He is shown to usually have a consistent personality and voice throughout the series and he makes his biggest role yet as a side character preparing SpongeBob 's birthday party in “SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout” alongside some of the other main characters.

Major roles

Your Shoe's Untied

When Squidward swallows several Krabby Patties by mistake, Old Man Walker pokes him from behind and asks him what the hold up is. He is later heard yelling that he and the customers are going to the Chum Bucket instead while Mr. Krabs is in the bathroom.

Christmas Who?

He asks Squidward dressed as Santa Claus where his Christmas present is.

"The Algae's Always Greener"

He runs into a Krusty Krab support beam and begs its pardon. He then grabs the ketchup bottle that Plankton is hiding in and accidentally shoots him right through the wall of Mr. Krabs' office due to his bad aim.

"As Seen on TV"

He watches a Bran Flakes commercial and mistakes SpongeBob as the cereal box on TV.

"Fear of a Krabby Patty"

He is shown randomly moving on the screen during the montage of the Krusty Krab's 24-hour business shown on the Bikini Atoll screen.

Once Bitten

He suspects that Patrick is a zombie for telling SpongeBob that he would “put his eye on him” and then gets everyone else in the Krusty Krab to believe that they are all zombies.

Rule of Dumb

SpongeBob confiscates his Walker to give to King Patrick.

Born to Be Wild

He is a member of the Mild Ones.

The Original Fry Cook

He orders a Krabby Patty at the beginning of the episode.

"Krabs à la Mode"

Plankton appears inside his soda while he is spying on Mr. Krabs to find out that touching his thermostat triggers him. After 4 hours, Old Man Walker leaves the Krusty Krab bathroom after closing time and tries to exit but the doors were locked and he states he is locked in again.

Roller Cowards

He tries to ride the Fiery Fist O' Pain but Incidental 40 forbids him from doing so because he has a serious medical condition.

"Money Talks"

He is shown eating with Incidental 87 at the Krusty Krab, with the latter narrating the amounts of chews he takes to finish his Krabby Patty and Walker demanding her to stop rushing him. They are eventually kicked out because of a deal made by the executive to sit at their table.

"Sing a Song of Patrick"

He is one of the only people to enjoy I Wrote This.

Toy Store of Doom

He was found in SpongeBob and Patrick's toy chest.

"It's a SpongeBob Christmas!"

He appears during the song Don't Be a Jerk where SpongeBob notes that you should respect old folks.

"SpongeBob You're Fired"

While SpongeBob is flooding the Krusty Krab with his tears, Old Man Walker floats on a barrel and says "I'm not a strong swimmer." He is also seen at the end of the episode, trying to find a nickel in order to use the restroom.

House Worming

He is part of the long object that Mr. Krabs and Squidward use to push a worm infested SpongeBob out of the Krusty Krab.

Plankton Retires

SpongeBob disguises himself as Old Man Walker while Mr. Krabs is disguised as Incidental 84 while the spy on Plankton.

"Krabby Patty Creature Feature"

He is seen as Incidental PM7 walking slowly in front of the Krusty Krab until SpongeBob shoves him aside, making him fall apart. He later appears at the Chum Bucket in the scene where SpongeBob feeds the patty monsters chum where he gets shoved out of the way by Incidental PM13 right before Old Man Walker was about to eat the chum.

Plankton Paranoia

Mr. Krabs bans him from the Krusty Krab after he finds three Krabby Patties under his 10 gallon hat.

Call the Cops

He is one of the elders in the Bikini Bottom Police Department's evidence room.


He nearly dies from waiting too long at the Krusty Krab.

"Pineapple RV"

He takes over Squidward's job as Krusty Krab cashier while he goes on his road trip to visit the Warbling Water Lily.

"Shell Games"

He is strolling under Tony's shell and gets ran over by Patrick.

"SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout"

His biggest role in the series so far. He helps SpongeBob's friends prepare for SpongeBob's surprise birthday party. Mr. Krabs has him keep watch for SpongeBob and alert everyone else when he arrives. However, when SpongeBob does arrive, he and Patrick send him zooming away on his walker, therefore, failing his given duty.

"Who R Zoo?"

Patrick confiscates all of his sharp and pointy objects before entering the Bubble Zoo.

Major roles in The Patrick Star Show

Squidina's Little Helper

He was shown to be half buried in the sand after Patrick's performance ended.



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