Not to be confused with Old Man Jenkins' barn.

Old Man Jenkins' house is a residential building in which Old Man Jenkins lives. It appears in the episode "FarmerBob." It also appears in the mobile game SpongeBob Moves In!


It is made up of all different parts and many floors. It has a porch in the front and a bunch of windows that are circular and rectangular. The second floor is green and has circle windows and a barricaded door. It leads to a balcony and a clothesline, hanging from a chimney. The third floor is orange, yellow, and peach and is the smallest floor in the house. There is also a boatmobile parked on the side of the house.



It was seen reading a newspaper when SpongeBob, Patrick and Old Man Jenkins' barn are playing baseball, a stray ball hits its window and shatters it. The house responds by shaking its fist at SpongeBob and the rest.


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