Ol' Ribeye is an undead character who appears in the episode "No Pictures Please."


He is a beige-colored fish skeleton, wearing only a pair of blue dirty jeans which are fitted loose on him, a brown belt, and a small brown-colored hat which fits the top of his head. He also appears to be missing some teeth and does not have eyes.


In the episode "No Pictures Please," he jumps out of his grave after Patrick touches his tombstone. He greets Patrick and the tourist cordially, but gets angry at them after the tourist accidentally breaks off his arm bone. He chases Patrick and the tourist around the graveyard and through Bikini Bottom. After running into Patrick's house and breaking into a pile of bones, he appears in the angry mob and complains about the tourist.


  • His name is similar to the restaurant Rusty's Rib Eye, as they both have rib eye in their names.
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