Officer Slugfish is an orange police fish. He appears in most episodes involving the police. He usually appears with Nancy O'Malley or Officer Rob Johnson.


Officer John is a dark orange fish with peach lips and a peach-colored dorsal fin. He wears a police uniform which consists of a white and blue suit with a blue police hat and a big gold badge on the front of the suit. In episode "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful," his bottom is wider than usual. He has a gray mustache in "Call the Cops" and "The Krusty Slammer."


He is very strict about his business and acts as an authority figure towards the characters. However, he and his fellow cops are shown to be unfair, useless and corrupt as they only arrest people for minor things. He is also shown to have mocked SpongeBob for getting the Tattletale Strangler arrested and Squidward for reporting SpongeBob's mess to the authority. 

A running gag is that he often reprimands people for no apparent reason and gives them tickets for very little things, mainly littering without even letting the person he reprimanded explain. 



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