The Office Worker Safety Department (abbreviated as the O.W.S.) is an organization in which workers of any given business is to work under safe conditions. If there is any hazardous incident that occurs, a person will be in charge to investigate and determine the punishment of the owner of an establishment. It appears in the episode "Accidents Will Happen."

This department is related to the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.


For each emergency called for the O.W.S, a worker wearing blue safety goggles, a safety helmet labeled "O.W.S," and an identity tag enters the premises of the accident and inspects the area of the accident. The only known employee is a small, light purple fish.

Role in episode

Squidward attempts to avoid work and sleep on the job when he seemingly gets injured in an accident. A staff member from the organization investigates, but just when Mr. Krabs is forced to pay a one-dollar fine, he discovers he has a security camera and the tape reveals what actually happened.
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