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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia
I drew two more mouths on my face so I can eat three at a time!
— Octopus Dude, "SpongeBob's Place"

The Octopus Dude[1] is a character who appears in the episode "SpongeBob's Place."


This octopus bears a close resemblance to Squidward, albeit shorter in height. He is a turquoise octopus who has six tentacles with blue suction cups at the end of them, a beak, light yellow and dark red eyes, and two extra mouths he drew on his face in order to consume three Krabby Patties all at once. He wears a white shirt with a red stripe.

Role in episode

He appears as a customer at SpongeBob's Place and notes how he drew two more mouths on his face so he can eat three Krabby Patties at a time.