The octopus (plural, octopuses) is a type of cephalopod. It has a bulbous head, slit-shaped pupils, and eight limbs covered with circle-shaped suckers.

SpongeBob SquarePants features an octopus, Squidward, as one of the main characters. Squidward has the distinct bulbous head that octopuses are known for. He is usually only drawn with six visible limbs, as having eight was too difficult for animation and made him look burdened. However, he is seen with a full set of eight in brief segments of "Pressure" and "Sold!".

The octopus is closely related to the squid, which (unlike Squidward) has a cone-shaped head with fins on each side, and has ten limbs. The character was named "Squidward" instead of "Octoward" because the second name "just didn't work," according to Rodger Bumpass.


Octopus characters that have appeared in the series include but are not limited to:



In the show, octopuses are most often drawn with six appendages rather than the usual eight present in an octopus. They are depicted as having slit-shaped eyes and a rounded head with a big nose.[1] They are usually colored shades of blue and green.


Squidward's family

Squidward has a long family history linked to royalty, dating back to prehistoric times.[2] The first known relative of Tentacles family was Squog, who was friends with SquarePants and Star family members, SpongeGar and Patar. Several generations later, there was a medieval ancestor named Squidly, who was a royal jester of King Krabs, an ancestor of Krabs family. Shortly after, there was a western relative named Hopalong, who was a bartender in Krusty Kantina. Four generations later, an unknown octopus known as "Grandpa Tentacles" was born. He married a female octopus now known as Grandma Tentacles and had a son with her, who they named Jeff. Jeff later married Mrs. Tentacles and had one child with her, who they named Squidward. Squidward has two cousins: Squidmund, who is very cheerful and nice, and an unnamed cousin, who seems not to care about things, just like Squidward. As stated in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, there is another prehistoric relative, Squidasaurus Rex, half-dinosaur half-octopus, who is distantly related to Squidward.


As far as what is shown in the show, octopuses appear to live in Easter Island Heads. Squidward, one of the main characters of the show, lives in an Easter Island Head, which sits between a pineapple house and a rock house.[1]


Octopuses on the show tend to act like Squidward does. However, Squidward ultimately decided he did not enjoy living with them.


  • Squidward and other octopuses have 6 arms as it was easier to draw and animate.
  • In real life, octopuses are one of the primary predators of crabs. This is fitting since Squidward seems to dislike Mr. Krabs, mostly for his greedy nature.


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