Not to be confused with Nurse Rechid.
Not to be confused with Nurse.
Not to be confused with Unnamed nurse.

Nurse Daisy Bazooka is a character who appears in the episode "My Leg!" She is Fred's girlfriend.


She is a giant, muscular, light orange female fish with blonde hair and short gray facial hair. She also has a large, cleft chin with a mole on it. She wears a white shirt with turquoise-green edges and a white nurse cap with a red hospital cross on it. She also wears pink lipstick and red nail polish.

Role in episode

She appears near the end of the episode when she prepares to give a sponge bath to her patients. Her enormous strength and size frightens the patients and they try to escape. Patrick intends on escaping, but Nurse Bazooka grabs him and violently scrubs him with a sponge.

Fred, who appears to be in love with her and is not afraid of her at all, sings a song to her and tells her how much he loves her. She enjoys the song and repeatedly kisses Fred on the cheek in return, starting a relationship with him.


  • The rough storyboard for "My Leg!" reveals that her name was originally "Daisy," as stated on her name tag. This is referenced in the song Fred sings for her, as he thinks that her name may be Daisy.
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