Norton[1] is a character in SpongeBob SquarePants. He appears in many episodes, sometimes as a mailfish or citizen. He is usually seen walking to deliver mail, but in "Idiot Box," he drives a mail truck. His name is revealed in "Squid Plus One."


Norton is a light tan fish with light purple lips and a dark purple dorsal fin. He wears a light blue colored mailman uniform and carries a brown messenger bag with a dark blue hat.


Norton wants to be friends with people. He likes almost everything Squidward likes, except for clarinets. He is also an introvert.



In this episode, SpongeBob gets his mail from Norton while he is working on his boating school essay. SpongeBob tries to waste time by asking Norton about where he gets his mail from, before Norton reminds SpongeBob that he has an essay to write.

Idiot Box

Norton arrives by vehicle to deliver a TV to SpongeBob and Patrick. They then dump the TV and play in the box.

The Great Snail Race

Squidward gets a package from Norton delivering his new snail Snellie. He pronounces Squidward's name wrong by saying Mr. Tennisballs.

"Squid Plus One"

Norton goes to Squidward's house to deliver the invitation to Galleria Diphteria and tells Squidward what the plus one means. Later, when Squidward is looking for a friend, he finds Norton, who says he is more of an introvert than a kidder. Squidward finds out Norton also likes toast point and fancy art galleries, but after Norton reveals that he hates clarinets, Squidward leaves, and Norton gets upset. He then screams, "When's Norton's time to shine?!"

"The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch"

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  • (to SpongeBob) "All right, do we have to go through this every time I deliver your mail? Sheesh!"
  • "Oh, if I weren't already on parole."
  • "Actually I'm not a kidder, I'm much more of an introvert."
  • "When's Norton's time? When's Norton's time to shine?!"
  • "Stupid, stupid, stupid!"
  • "Don't you have a paper to write?"
Norton model pose

Norton's model


  • His design resembles that of Nat Peterson, but colored orange and purple, and with the mailman uniform. Also, his dorsal fin is pointier than Nat's.
  • Season 2 episode 9 in Bikini Bottom Mysteries talks about Norton being anti social and trying to be more like Squidward.
    • Also this episode premiered on the SpongeBob YouTube channel on October 26 which is the airdate of the episode Norton makes his debut, "Something Smells."


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