Not to be confused with Nurse.
Not to be confused with Unnamed nurse.
Not to be confused with Nurse Bazooka.
Morning SpongeBob, your early today.
— Norma Rechid, The Two Faces of Squidward

Norma Rechid[3] is a background fish who makes several cameo appearances throughout the series, starting with the episode "Ripped Pants."



Norma Rechid's model

She is a light orange female fish with light red lips and wears a dark purple dress. She is also seen wearing a reddish-violet dress in certain episodes, such as "Slimy Dancing." She usually lacks a dorsal fin but can be seen with a light orange dorsal fin in a few episodes. As a nurse, she wears a dark white uniform and a nurse's hat with a red cross on it.


Role in series

"Ripped Pants"

She is seen when SpongeBob sings a song about ripping his pants.

"Chocolate with Nuts"

She is seen when SpongeBob and Patrick are selling chocolate bars. As they go to knock on her door, she answers. As SpongeBob opens his candy bar bags, he struggles since every time he opens a bag a new one appears. Eventually, she gets tired of waiting and goes back inside.

"Krusty Towers"

She gives Mr. Krabs a hospital bill for $15,000.

"Goo Goo Gas"

She appears at the beginning of the episode feeding Baby Rechid, which gives Plankton the idea to turn everyone into babies.


She is seen complaining about the price of a chumstick after Plankton offers one for ten dollars. She is also seen gagging and coughing up chum, which leads her to call it foul.

"Cuddle E. Hugs"

She is seen at the Krusty Krab getting tiny pieces of the moldy patty for free.

"Escape from Beneath Glove World"

She is seen with her baby at Glove World!.



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