Noodleman[1] is the owner of the restaurant Wet Noodle who appears in the episode "SpongeBob You're Fired."


He is a light teal fish with lavender lips and lavender limbs. He wears a Chinese takeout container which has a red Chinese symbol in the middle and a gray handle on its top.


He is shown to have a rather hostile and nasty attitude, as he is not afraid to give blunt, unprofessional feedback to his employees or those who seek a job at his restaurant. He also kidnaps SpongeBob to use him for financial gain, showing his criminal side.

Role in episode

Noodle Man appears first briefly when he angrily throws the Noodle Patty at SpongeBob and fires him.

He later abducts SpongeBob with giant chopsticks, and lastly appears when the Killer Krabby Patty defeats him and the other restaurant owners fighting over SpongeBob.

He and the other restaurant owners who kidnapped SpongeBob are lastly seen eating at the Krusty Krab near the end of the episode.


  • Noodleman's name is seen in the credits, but not mentioned in the episode.


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