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Nocturna[1][2] is a fish who appears in the episodes "Mall Girl Pearl" and "Whale Watching," and the online game Bikini Bottom Mysteries Search. She works as a cashier at Scorched Coral in the Bikini Bottom Mall.


She is a light blue goth fish who wears a purple and black dress, a black bracelet with metal, and a fish bone necklace. She has light pink lips and short black hair.

Role in series

"Mall Girl Pearl"

After Pearl gets a job at the Bikini Bottom Mall, Nocturna teases her and accuses her of being uncool, until Beatrice forces her and Pearl's ex-friends to listen to her stories for an hour. After this, they reconcile with her.

"Whale Watching"

Nocturna appears as one of the attendants of the breaching party.


  • Despite having appeared with them at the breaching party in "Whale Watching," she is not seen at Pearl's slumber party with Marina and Nixie in "My Two Krabses."


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