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Nobbert "Nobby" Narwhal is a narwhal who resides in Kelp Forest with his older sister, Narlene. He appears in Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years and the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes "Something Narwhal This Way Comes" and "Upturn Girls."



Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years[]

As a child, Nobby is a short, yellow narwhal who has an orange tail and freckles and always walks around barefoot. He also possesses flippers instead of arms, and wears a farmer's hat and blue overalls with a missing strap. He also has a tuft of orange hair on his head, though it is usually covered by his hat.

SpongeBob SquarePants[]

As an adult, he is very large and muscular, though he retains his signature hat and overalls, with the latter being in a much larger size. Additionally, his flippers have seemingly developed into large, muscular arms, both complete with hands and digits.


Like his sister Narlene, Nobby is very fun-loving and cheerful. He is shown to be very hyperactive and childlike, causing chaos around the camp and willing to pull pranks. "Prickly Pests" and "My Fair Nobby" imply that Nobby is more knowledgeable at pranks than Narlene; in the former, he suggests calling the urchin prank off before it gets too dangerous, and in the latter, he tricks Narlene into thinking he has become civilized.

In "Hill-Fu," it is shown that Nobby is an expert of a backwoods style of karate called hill-fu, and the overalls he wears are a sign of his mastery.

Nobby's speaking style mostly consists of rapid gibberish with few identifiable words. However, he does speak full sentences on occasion, mostly as part of a joke: he speaks with an English accent in "Sugar Squeeze" after being drained of his energy and throughout most of "My Fair Nobby". In "Regi-Hilled," he narrates the toe-wrestling match between Narlene and Lady Upturn. He also imitates Mr. Krabs' voice in "In a Nut's Shell."


Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years[]

"Sugar Squeeze"[]

In Nobby's debut, the campers find him having stolen their candy. Narlene kidnaps them and takes them to her cabin, where she makes Sugar Squeeze. After the kids are hyperactive from the drink, Narlene uses Nobby to demonstrate her Thunder Squeeze. At the end of the episode, the two ride their mule away from camp.

"In Search of Camp Noodist"[]

Nobby helps demonstrate Narlene's directions on how to reach the nudist camp. At the end, he and Narlene prank the campers by showing a "new dust camp," although the real nudist camp is still close by.

"Hot Pearl-tato"[]

Pearl bribes Nobby with five dollars to take his place in the stroller, allowing her to sneak away. Nobby then tells SpongeBob that Pearl is walking around in the forest, and leaves with Narlene.

"My Fair Nobby"[]

When Narlene is going off to a family feud against the McClams, she asks SpongeBob and Patrick to watch Nobby, who is too young to go. Nobby's chaotic activities prove too much for them to handle, until Lady Upturn teaches him how to be cultured, and he begins acting stuck-up and dismissive of Narlene's activities. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Narlene are unable to get Nobby back to normal, so Narlene decides to be cultured for him. However, in the end, Nobby goes back to his usual self, revealing it was all a prank. Narlene happily decides that he is ready to participate in the feud.

"Wise Kraken"[]

Nobby acts as Narlene's ventriloquist dummy during her act at Comedy Night.


SpongeBob wants to beat Sandy at a karate match, so Narlene refers him to Nobby, who knows a style called Hill-Fu. Nobby coaches him on various techniques, which allow him to win the match. In this episode, it is revealed that Nobby's blue overalls are the "official uniform of the Hill-Fu master," and he gives SpongeBob a square-shaped pair after his mastery.

"Painting with Squidward"[]

Nobby messes with Squidward's sculpture and shoots berries at him from a blowpipe while he is posing.

"Prickly Pests"[]

Nobby helps Narlene set up her prank, talking to SpongeBob and Patrick as a distraction while Narlene puts an urchin in SpongeBob's pants. Nobby and Narlene watch the prank, but he gets worried and asks her to call it off, to which she shows him an urchin call she can use to tame the urchins if they get too out of control. He rides into camp with Narlene and helps her get to Perch's watchtower to use the call, then is seen working at the newly rebuilt Kamp Koral.


Nobby runs into Regigilled while mushroom collecting. He and Narlene introduce Regigilled to their hillfolk lifestyle, until Lady Upturn enters and wants him back. Nobby narrates the resulting toe-wrestling match between Upturn and Narlene.

"The Taste of Defeat"[]

Nobby acts as a waiter at Narlene's Dewslapper Cafe. He gives menus to the campers when they arrive, and later adds a razor clam to Patrick's soup. At the end of the episode, he and Narlene are angry at Plankton for ruining their business.

"Hats Off to Space"[]

Nobby helps SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy find out where their hats have gone. He ends up opening the silo that contains all the hats.

"In a Nut's Shell"[]

Nobby and Narlene come across Mr. Krabs' shell in the woods, and decide to play a prank on the campers by pretending to be him. Nobby acts as his legs while Narlene acts as his upper half, but later on, they switch so Narlene can run faster. Nobby joins the others in getting revenge on Mr. Krabs for avoiding their pranks.

SpongeBob SquarePants[]

"Something Narwal This Way Comes"[]

Nobby visits SpongeBob's house, now very muscular since his time at Kamp Koral. He hugs SpongeBob, eats his refrigerator, and makes everyone pancakes for breakfast. Nobby then renovates SpongeBob's house to be made of wood. When the nearwhals invade, Nobby is the one who explains that they are not actually related to the Narwhal family. He comes with Narlene and SpongeBob to call Plankton to drive the nearwhals away, and acts as a mule to move Narlene and her cart away and into Squidward's house.

"Upturn Girls"[]

Nobby works at the Krusty Krab. He helps SpongeBob by moving supplies closer to the grill, but is very destructive. Towards the end, the Krusty Krab is seen in a state of chaos due to Nobby throwing Krabby Patties at customers, with SpongeBob completely buried under rubble in the kitchen.


  • Originally, he was going to be called Bubby.[1]
  • He is one of the very few sea creatures in Bikini Bottom to have human-like feet with visible toes.