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No Train, No Gain is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.

It was released in 2009 to celebrate SpongeBob's 10th anniversary.


Bandits are trying to derail the train. Stop them before it's too late! Click below the train to throw horse shoes at the bandits. Click above the train to perform a jump. Jump on the parachute bandits to defeat them. If the player lets the parachute bandits bump them, they'll lose horse shoes. If the player lets the bandits derail a railcar, they'll lose a life. The game ends when the player loses all four of their lives. 





SpongeBob SquarePants No Train, No Gain

SpongeBob SquarePants No Train, No Gain


  • Sometimes, it is possible for a horse shoe to hit 3 bandits.
No Train, No Gain - Bandit with fish

Bandit with fish attack.

  • The title of the game is a parody of the exercise motto "No pain, no gain."
  • The parachute bandits use a fish to attack SpongeBob, despite the fact that the bandits are already fish.
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