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Nickelodeon Party Blast is a party video game by Data Design and published by Infogrames that was released for GameCube, Xbox, and Windows in 2002. This game was planned to have a PlayStation 2 release, but it got canceled.[citation needed]


There are eight playable characters, more than twenty stages, and six different party modes. When playing as player 1, the player can choose Blast, Replay, and Cup challenge. (Players 2, 3, and 4 have a mode called "Party Play") The characters' names in Nickelodeon Party Blast are Eliza Thornberry, Angelica, Invader Zim, Otto Rocket, Reggie Rocket, SpongeBob SquarePants, Tommy, and Jimmy Neutron. Each stage has different events although the last stage is almost opposite from the original stage when the player first starts. Also, every party game has each different boss depending on five different events (or party modes) on which level.

  1. Food Fight: A party mode where the characters throw food at each other to lose lives or points and neither person can be taken away.
  2. Squirt and Splash: A game where the characters squirt each other and have the person with the highest score to survival wins.
  3. Basketball: A sports party mode where the player has to make the most baskets in the game and perform tricks to earn more points.
  4. Pipe Challenge: A party mode where the player puts pipes together to create a pipeline to blast rockets, Rugrats dinos, and more.
  5. Racing: A party event where the characters race each other and see who has the most coins and mess up with items and more.
  6. Clam bonus stages: Bonus stages where each different stage has is a different clam-related games win or lose. These minigames can only be unlocked by collecting silver stars or through a cheat code.
  7. Gooze Squirter: Only unlocked after completing every stage of the first five events, the players have to squirt goo at each other using special weapons to earn points. Unlike the other events, this game only has one stage.

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The game received largely negative reviews. IGN gave the Xbox version of the game a very low 1.1 out of ten, citing that "Like the name implies, this game is only (barely) worth a spare nickel for price of admission."



Nickelodeon Party Blast GameCube Longplay


  • Mr. Krabs appears as the boss opponent for the fourth round of the Pipe Challenge game.
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