Nick DVD Game Demo AD.

The Nick DVD Game Demo is one of the special features found on the Complete 2nd Season DVD. It has 10 questions of things that have happened before in the series.


  1. "Suds" - What happens when I get sick? - I get the suds and sneeze bubbles
  2. "Dumped" - After Gary deserts me for Patrick, what do I call my new pet snail? - Lary
  3. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" - Patrick and I idolize these 2 guys. Name them! - Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
  4. "Your Shoe's Untied" - Who taught me to get back on my feet and relearn tying my shoes? - Gary the Snail
  5. "Squidville" - Where does Squidward move to? - Tentacles Acres
  6. "Bossy Boots" - Pearl comes up with a new name for the Krusty Krab. What is it? - The Kuddly Krab
  7. "Texas" - Where was Sandy's original home?- Texas
  8. "Tea at the Treedome" - Why am I so uncomfortable at Sandy's house?-Because her house is full of air!
  9. "Employee of the Month" - How many times has Squidward won the Employee of the Month award at the Krusty Krab? - Never, I have won everytime.
  10. "Bubblestand" - What is my secret method for blowing bubbles? - My special bubble blowing routine.
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