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If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see "New Student Starfish."

New Student Starfish is a SpongeBob SquarePants book that was released on September 1, 2003 and reprinted on Kindle on March 29, 2011. The book is based on the episode of the same name. It is the ninth SpongeBob SquarePants chapter book. It has 64 pages.



There's no place SpongeBob loves more than boating school. And when his best friend, Patrick, wants to come along, SpongeBob is sure this will be his best day ever! But things go from bad to worse when Patrick goofs off in class and lands them both in detention. SpongeBob's perfect academic record is on the road to ruination—and it's all his ex-best friend's fault! Will SpongeBob and Patrick be able to put aside their differences and work together? Patrick's first day of school will be a day they will never forget!

Differences between the book and episode

  • Two deleted scenes from the episode were added into the book:
    • When asked to say his name, Patrick glances at a calendar with the date number 24, prompting him to say, "24."
    • After Patrick leaves at the end, SpongeBob asks Mrs. Puff, "Can I have his star?"

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