The New SpongeBob is an alter-ego of SpongeBob who appears at the end of "Breath of Fresh Squidward." Much like New Squidward and New Patrick, he has the exact opposite personality of his normal self.


He looks identical to SpongeBob, except he has oval-shaped eyes with rectangular pupils, a large droopy nose and a wider frowning mouth, making his face resemble Squidward's face. His clothes and face are messy. He also sounds a lot more like Squidward. 

Role in episode

When New Squidward gets zapped by his electric fence after getting kicked out of his party by SpongeBob, SpongeBob touches Squidward and gets zapped by it as well. Patrick also gets zapped by it when he touches SpongeBob believing the two were "dancing". The shock turns New Squidward back to normal, but it also turns SpongeBob and Patrick to New SpongeBob and New Patrick. Due to their grouchy personality, the three then argue with each other at the end of the episode.


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