The New Patrick is an alter-ego of Patrick Star that appears at the end of the episode "Breath of Fresh Squidward." Much like New Squidward and New SpongeBob, he has the exact opposite personality of his normal self.


He is identical to Patrick, except that he has oval eyes with rectangular pupils and a wide frowning mouth, making his face look like Squidward's face. Unlike New Squidward and SpongeBob, he has the exact same voice of his normal self.

Role in episode

When New Squidward gets zapped by his electric fence after getting kicked out of his party by SpongeBob, he touches Squidward's hand which causes him to get zapped by the fence too. Then Patrick, who thinks the two were "dancing" touched SpongeBob and he got shocked as well. The shock turns New Squidward back to normal but turns SpongeBob and Patrick into New SpongeBob and New Patrick. Due to their grouchy personality, the three then argue with each other at the end of the episode.


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