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New Kelp City is an underwater metropolis that first appears in the book For the Love of Bubbles and then in the episode "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"



New Kelp City has gray or blue skyscrapers visible from far away. The city, when revealed closer, is messy with broken windows and seedy, dirty streets, including the sign that reads "No Bubbles Allowed by Order of the Bubble Poppin' Boys." Not many people are seen walking in the streets and no moving boatmobiles are visible. Blowing bubbles is not allowed in the city because it gives the gang red eyes from a popped bubble. Those who blow them will end up being in trouble with the gang.

It is not too far from Bikini Bottom. The area must be cold since SpongeBob is seen warming near a fire in a barrel. It appears to be next to Tentacle Acres and Bass Vegas. It also has a news station.

Places in New Kelp City

  • Games We Play - It is a video game store.
  • N.K.C. Bank - It is the bank of New Kelp City.
  • Non' Failure - A place seen in the background.
  • Upturn's
  • 22 Buildings as seen outside*

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"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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For 20 years, a fish, who resembles the mayor of Bikini Bottom, was mayor of New Kelp City. When the Bubble Poppin' Boys gang was established, he could not stop the gang from terrorizing the citizens. When an amnesiac SpongeBob arrives and blows bubbles to citizens of the city, he is fired from many jobs before he is confronted by the Bubble Poppin' Boys. They try to use violence against SpongeBob, but he quickly escapes, and by blowing a huge bubble that surrounds the Bubble Poppin' Boys and sends them out of the city, leading the gang to their defeat.

SpongeBob is officially declared as the next mayor of New Kelp City and renamed CheeseHead BrownPants by the preceding mayor. He makes speeches that bubble blowing will be allowed as long as he is the mayor.

However, after he is tricked into visiting the Krusty Krab, the news anchorman announces that the bubble-blowing policy goes awry when it creates very low visibility, causing disruption in the city. A thug on TV then angrily threatens to hurt Mayor CheeseHead BrownPants if he sees him again. This causes SpongeBob to decide to stay in Bikini Bottom.


  • This is a parody of New York City, one of the largest cities in the United States.
  • The tallest skyscraper in the view resembles the Empire State Building, which is in New York City.
  • The fish in New Kelp City look much different than the ones found in Bikini Bottom, as they appear gloomy unlike the Bikini Bottomites.
  • It was revealed in "Lighthouse Louie" that Mrs. Puff used to live in this city and was a Boating School teacher there before making a getaway.