Ned's wig is a tall hairpiece that is worn by Ned in his band. It appears in and is a major plot point of the episode "Wigstruck."


Ned's wig is a tall white hairpiece with grayish-blue ribbons in it.

Role in episode

At the beginning of the episode, the other band members tease Ned of his new wig, and they throw it out of the window of their bus. The wig soon blows away to SpongeBob, and he likes it so much that he wears it wherever he goes.

Many Bikini Bottomites laugh and tease him as well. Eventually, they chase him down for wearing it, so Sandy talks him into letting it blow away in the breeze, and it comes back to Ned.

At the end of the episode, everyone in Bikini Bottom wears it again, due to its popularity.


  • Unlike most of the Bikini Bottomites at the end of the episode, who wear it on their head as intended, Patrick wears a wig on his left armpit.
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