National No SpongeBob Day is a holiday in Bikini Bottom which appears in the episode "Gone."

Role in episode

Everyone in Bikini Bottom, except for SpongeBob, leave for the day to enjoy time without him. Normally, it lasts just one day, but in the episode, it lasts for a few weeks, because the inhabitants over-enjoy having a fun time without SpongeBob.


National No SpongeBob Day Twitter SB
  • There is also a National No Patrick Day.
  • On National No SpongeBob Day, they build a statue of SpongeBob, burn it, and then dance on the ashes.
  • Everyone in Bikini Bottom celebrates this holiday, including animals like Gary and even SpongeBob's best friend Patrick.
  • This holiday is not actually national because if it was, SpongeBob would have heard of it before and it would be celebrated by everyone in the sea since Bikini Bottom is only one city.
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