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|image = My Pretty Seahorse 07.png
|image = My Pretty Seahorse 07.png
|interests = Eating
|interests = Eating
|aliases = Debbie
|aliases = Debbie<br}Grace<br>Majesty<br>Sir Eats-A-Lot
|color = Light green and light yellow
|color = Light green and light yellow
|eye-color = Dark green
|eye-color = Dark green

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Mystery is a seahorse that SpongeBob adopted in the episode "My Pretty Seahorse."


Mystery is a normal light green seahorse. She is bigger than an average seahorse, which are nearly Plankton's size.

She acts just like a regular horse, and has a swirl which contains a tail.


For the first time for a while, SpongeBob considered naming her Grace, Majesty, or maybe even Debbie, but finally decided upon the name Mystery.  Her name matches because if she eats something and walks away, then nobody knows and it's a mystery problem. However, in the Krusty Krab, she eats flowers, Krabby Patties, Old Man Jenkins, SpongeBob's spatula, the stove, SpongeBob's work hat, SpongeBob's floral bookmark, and Mr. Krabs' money.

Mr. Krabs doesn't like Mystery, and wants SpongeBob to let her go, although SpongeBob lies about Mystery having a stomachache. He is afraid for Mystery to go, but Mr. Krabs tells him a story about when he spent his first dollar to convince him that it's for his own good, and finally agrees with him.

Mystery is then let go by SpongeBob, albeit reluctantly. Soon, Squidward notices that she ate the bank, and SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs start chasing after her, yelling at her to come back.



Mystery staring at SpongeBob's flower bookmark

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