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My house, My pineapple (Greek: Σπίτι μου Ανανάκι μου) is a SpongeBob SquarePants DVD that was released exclusively in Greece on March 5, 2007. It contains eight episodes from season 1.


5a - "Pizza Delivery"
5b - "Home Sweet Pineapple"
6a - "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy"
6b - "Pickles"
7a - "Hall Monitor"
7b - "Jellyfish Jam"
8a - "Sandy's Rocket"
8b - "Squeaky Boots"
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  • The cover of this DVD is similar to The Complete 2nd Season boxset.
  • Despite being the theme of the DVD, "Home Sweet Pineapple" is actually the second episode on the DVD. This is due to the episodes being in production order on the DVD.


  • In the title, the words "house" and "pineapple" should be capitalized.