My Secret Personal Diary is a book that appears in the episodes "Little Yellow Book" and "Chatterbox Gary."


"Little Yellow Book"

It is a diary that has a blue spine and cover borders, and a lime green cover. On the cover, there's also a unicorn that has pink fur, a purple horn, and white hair. There is also a yellow smiley face, a pink heart, and a rainbow that only shows purple, pink, and red. The name of the book shown on the lime green cover is transcribed in blue text.

"Chatterbox Gary"

It has the same basic design as the one from "Little Yellow Book," except that it is brown and the front has a beige square. The text is the same blue color as the previous one, except it is written in pencil crayon instead of marker. It has the same pictures on the front like the previous one, except that the pink on the rainbow is replaced with yellow, and the red and purple are in the opposite spots on the rainbow than the previous version.

Role in series

"Little Yellow Book"

SpongeBob comes to Squidward to say to him that he got his work diary published, but that it would be especially embarrassing if he read his secret personal diary. Then a crowd of fish with tomatoes come to throw them at Squidward. SpongeBob says he forgave Squidward, but then Nat tells him that Squidward was reading his personal diary as well, which when SpongeBob sees, he breaks down in tears. The crowd starts throwing tomatoes at him, but Squidward doesn't care, because of his amusement with the book.

"Chatterbox Gary"

After Gary gets his translation collar, SpongeBob asks him questions from a recolored version of My Secret Personal Diary. These questions are:

  • What do you dream about?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • How do I look in these pants?


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