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"Musical Doodle" is a song performed by The Sonars, and is also sung by SpongeBob in the episode "Earworm." It was written by Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Eban Schletter.


Round and round the record spins all day.
Listen again, it takes you far away.
Trying to stop it is futile,
So just listen now to my musical doodle!
Think you control it, but it's way too hard
Every time it plays, it's an electric charge.
The sound in your head is brutal...
Now you're infected by the musical doodle!
You're gonna listen again to the musical doodle!
The song that you ran from is back again!
You wonder if the madness will ever end.
Trying to stop it is futile.
So just listen now to my musical doodle.
doo-doo-doo-doo-doo musical doodle!
Listen again to the musical doodle!


  • This song was featured in a commercial for the episode "Hello Bikini Bottom!"
  • In order to try and get rid SpongeBob of his earworm from this song, both Mr. Krabs and Sandy try songs they know to get rid of the earworm. The songs are "High Seas Chant" and "Life on the Prairie." Neither song helps.
    • Squidward tries helping by playing a loud tune on his clarinet; it works.
  • The Croatian title for this song is "Slatki Pjesmuljak," which translates to "Sweet Doodle."
  • In Germany, an extended version of the song was released under the title "Mein Gedudel (XXL-Version),"[1] which translates to "Musical Doodle: XXL Version."


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