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The mud monster is a character who appears in the episodes "The Clash of Triton," "SpongeGod," and the video game SpongeBob and the Clash of Triton and as a ghost in the episode "Séance Shméance."


He is a big light brown monster made of mud. The mud monster has no eyes and has a single tooth.


"The Clash of Triton"

He attends King Neptune's birthday party. He was locked in a cage with King Neptune, Queen Amphitrite, the Green Sea Monster, the Purple Hag, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward by Triton. He was rescued by SpongeBob and Patrick after Patrick unlocked the cage. He returns home with Neptune and his family. His first line was "Alright, already."


He appears, eating Frankfurters (hot dogs).

"Séance Shméance"

He appears as a ghost at Rusty's Rib Eye.


  • He may be a reference to Clay Face from DC Comics.
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