If you were looking for the article about the mountain from "Sponge-Cano!", then see Mt. Bikini Bottom.

Mt. Bikini is a mountain in Bikini Bottom that appears in the episode "Are You Happy Now?"

Role in episode

SpongeBob and Squidward fall out of a hot air balloon and land on top of this mountain. Harold Bill Reginald Scott is hiking up and notices them on the mountain. He then gives SpongeBob and Squidward the flag to claim they are the first people to reach the top of Mt. Bikini. SpongeBob immediately places the flag down on Squidward's foot. Squidward feels pain by this, so he removes the flag, only to cause a snow avalanche that takes him and SpongeBob down to Squidward's house.


  • The mountain is supposedly near Conch Street.
  • Harold is the only known fish to hike this mountain.
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