Ms. Mayor is an orange fish who is the current mayor of Bikini Bottom. She first appears in The SpongeBob Musical and was later inducted into the cartoon. Her first animated appearance is in the episode "Plankton's Old Chum."


She is a beige fish with a pronounced chin and curly purple hair, wearing dull orange-red lipstick. Her attire consists of a purple button-up top and a darker purple skirt, with matching purple high heels, and a short-trimmed red blazer jacket. She is also wearing a blue pearl necklace, and a yellow sash that reads "MAYOR" in blue.

Role in episode

She goes to the Chum Bucket to announce that henceforth the date shall always be known as Chum Day in Bikini Bottom as a city holiday.


  • Counting the 2016 Chicago run of The SpongeBob Musical, it took three years for the mayor to be carried over to the cartoon.


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