Mrs. Squiggles[1] is a worm that first appears in the episode "Grooming Gary." She is one of the pets featured in the pet show during the episode. She also makes a cameo in "Plankton's Pet" at the animal shelter.


Mrs. Squiggles is a light yellow worm with light green stripes who wears an orange wig. She has black eyes and wears light blue earrings, light blue eye shadow, pink lipstick, and a black collar with silver studs on it.


She is owned by a fancy blue fish with black hair and a black suit on. Mrs. Squiggles had orange hair on her head that the blue fish made just for her. However, when Gary tells the other pets to start a pet riot, Mrs. Squiggles puts her orange wing on her owner's black smooth hair as he screams as payback.

In "Plankton's Pet," she appears at the Animal Shelter, meaning that either her owner got her after Plankton got Spot or her owner released her to them sometime after the pet show.


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