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Mrs. Dutchman is the mother of the Flying Dutchman who appears in the comic strip "Mommy Dearest" from SpongeBob Comics No. 43. She is also mentioned in the episode "Shanghaied."


The Flying Dutchman's mom is a green ghost who wears a green shirt with a light green skull on it, a black vest, green arm rings, glasses, and a bandana with dark purple dots.


According to the Flying Dutchman, whenever his mom visits him, she cleans everything, including his ship and the Flying Dutchman himself, but before the latter's mom goes on a cleaning spree, she needs to lecture him which just goes on persistently.

SpongeBob once made the Flying Dutchman clean his ship and then himself so his mom would not have to lecture him when she visited.

She is mentioned in "Shanghaied." The Flying Dutchman says insulting a man's ship is worse than insulting his mother, and then SpongeBob says it was the Flying Dutchman's mother that Squidward said was dirty, resulting in the Flying Dutchman burning Squidward.


  • The Flying Dutchman's mom has a friend named "Killer," who is a blue ghost on a green motorcycle.
  • She thinks anyone who is not filthy is a "clean freak."
  • She apparently has a good relationship with her son, who defended her honor twice.


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